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Services & Products

Veterinary Services

Surgical Specialties

  • Arthroscopic Joint Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery & Fracture Repair
  • Throat & Berwitz Palate Surgery
  • Abdominal & Colic Specialty Surgery
  • Urogenital & Reproductive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Radio-Surgical Procedures
  • Spinal Taps

Advanced Soundness, Lameness & Medical Diagnostics

  • EQUISCAN® Nuclear Diagnostics
  • Xero-Radiographic Hi-Detail Imaging
  • Head & Thoracic Large Radiographs
  • Standard Radiographic Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Exams: Tendons & Regions
  • Video-Endoscopy Throats & Airways

Pre-Purchase & Insurance Exams

  • Neurologic Examinations
  • Ophthalmologic Eye Examinations
  • Heart-Cardiologic Examination

Therapeutics, Rehabilitation & Hospitalization

  • Shockwave Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Power Floating Dentistry
  • Complete Medical Colic Care
  • Torn & Bowed Tendon Therapy
  • Complete Care & Hospitalization

EquiScan® Nuclear Imaging

For further information please call 631-427-2213 and speak to Debbie or Charlotte

West Hills Stables Boarding

Beautifully kept well managed facility in the Huntington/West Hills area. Large and airy box stalls in center aisle barn with individual 1/2 day turnout. Large riding arena, lighted schooling arena, plus a round pen. West Hills Park is nearby and available for great trail riding. Highly conscientious and caring staff plus 24/7 on premises veterinary care available; including a full-service equine veterinary hospital.

Great location and facility for pensioned/retired horses or extended medical therapy and/or supervised lay-up care.

Cost of Full Board: Starting at $640 plus tax.

For further information or to set up a tour of our facilities please call 631-427-2213 and speak to Debbie or Charlotte

HorseDoc® Products

All HorseDoc Select Products are the finest in the industry and are either specifically formulated or represented as such by Dr. Gregory Beroza.

HorseDoc’s Elixir

Mmega-potency vitamin-mineral blood tonic. It comes in a single gallon size.

  • 6J-E2 One Size 1 gallon $40.00

HorseDoc’s Medicated Skin Cream

Specially formulated for local topical application to treat skin irritations and/or abrasions. It has combined antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Available in 4 convenient sizes.

  • 6T-C4 Small 2 ounces $18.00
  • 6T-C2 Medium 8 ounces $32.00
  • 6T-C1 Large 16 ounces $50.00

HorseDoc’s Medicated Hoof Formula

Specially formulated to rapidly treat Thrush, Seedy-Toe and for use as a sole toughener. Available in 2 conveniently sized applicator containers.

  • 6L-L7 Small 2 ounces $12.00
  • 6L-L2 Large 16 ounces $37.00

Cosequin 1400 grams

The ultimate chondroprotective (joint stabilizing) Feed Additive useful for minimizing the advancement and effects of arthritis, due to age and athletic use in horses.

  • 6L-D2 One Size 1400 Grams $155.00


The ultimate chondroprotective (joint stabilizing) Nutritional Supplement useful for minimizing the advancement and effects of arthritis, due to age and athletic use in horse people.

  • 6L-D5 One Size 210 Capsules $65.00

Shipping Charges:
Standard Ground Shipments: $6.95 per order up to 3 lbs.

Heavyweight and/or Oversized Surcharge:
* Additional $1.50 shipping on all packages 3-6 lbs.
* Additional $2.50 shipping on all packages 6-9 lbs.

Contact us at 631-427-2213 to place your order and pay by credit card.